Sylvie Nottelet
Sylvie Nottelet
A painter with a sensual and romantic imagination
Presenting : Sylvie Nottelet
Sylvie welcomes you to take a look at her gallery in Juan les pins.
Born in 1954, Sylvie Nottelet, had an early taste for drawing and painting.

She continues her training at the university of Beaux-Arts in Nantes. Her irresistibly feminine painting draws from a wealth of romantic imaginary, and takes you into a world of seduction and elegance.

Painter of fantasies, Sylvie Nottelet illustrates the universe in a dreamlike dimension. You can see in her paintings a delicate emotion that is reflected in the fluidity and elegance of the lines.
She is a master of colour who begins her pieces with a simple line drawing, like a delicate patchwork of precious fabrics, tells us through her paintings , stories of princesses of the East and wanderers as if lost in their dream very often even with a modestly contained melancholy, seeming to float in a haunting atmosphere.
Her characters only reach out to us out of our frame of life and invite us to join them in the timeless, their mystery. The artist denies the reality of time to stop it at the hour of eternal youth.
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